Maxy Book Award Thriller Finalist

Readers’ Favorite Award

“Superb work of fiction.”

“Highly recommended to all fans of high-octane and high-stakes legal novels.”
Top-Ten Selection in the International Clive Cussler Adventure Writers Competition
Clue Award First Place Category Winner for Thriller & Suspense Fiction by Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAs)

Page Turner International Writing Award Finalist

Conspiracy Ignited

Award-Winning Thriller Now Available

Blank Slate Press
An Imprint of Amphorae Publishing Group

A CIA combat pilot-turned-lawyer.
A secret society taking over American courts.
Can one man and a few friends prevent justice from disappearing in America?

A gripping crime thriller, Conspiracy Ignited is timely yet timeless, blending action and adventure with our real world like no novel before it. Based in part on true events from combat, CIA experiences and the high-stakes world of litigation, this story is about the battle between good and evil and what happens when it all gets personal.

At the outset, Eric Ridge, combat veteran and California litigator with post-traumatic stress disorder, is struggling to escape a mysterious attacker who demanded he “drop the case.” That case ends up being either the wrongful death of a female judge, or a claim against the insurance industry that could cost them hundreds-of-millions of dollars or more.

Refusing to abandon his clients, Ridge calls upon his small, diverse legal team including his investigator best-friend, and computer-whiz wife. Their investigation drops them into the sinister world of a secret organization, the Raven Society—a cabal that controls court decisions for highest bidders, including insurance companies, by coercing or killing jurists and operating far below police and FBI radar.

Unknown to Ridge, his attacker was Calvin Hess, a former assassin for hate-crime groups and now enforcer for the Raven Society. Hess specializes in no-trace murder, masked as accident or suicide. Ridge, dealing with the demons of PTSD and pulsating flashbacks to wartime experiences, suffers through the burning of a boat, a car chase, multiple home attacks, gun battles, a plane crash and more. Desperate, Ridge turns to ex-CIA colleagues for help and, by unofficially using CIA assets, begins to unravel the Raven Society conspiracy, only to suddenly lose CIA support and be left alone.

Refusing to quit the battle for justice, Ridge confronts the Raven Society in a race against the clock that spirals into a struggle for survival. Can Ridge and his small team survive to use the evidence they’ve developed? Or will they suffer the same fate as others who have dared to confront the Raven Society?

A relentless thriller, Conspiracy Ignited takes Ridge, his team, and the reader right to the edge and busts through to a cinematic climax and unforgettable conclusion.

“Make room on your bookshelves for Raymond Paul Johnson, the next great voice in the thriller genre. Conspiracy Ignited is a barn burner of a book. Once you start, clear your calendar for the rest of the day. What a ride!”
—John Gilstrap, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Jonathan Grave Thriller Series

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