Conspiracy Ignited

“Make room on your bookshelves for Raymond Paul Johnson, the next great voice in the thriller genre. Conspiracy Ignited is a barn burner of a book. Once you start, clear your calendar for the rest of the day. What a ride!”
—John Gilstrap, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Jonathan Grave Thriller Series
“A stellar debut with an intricate plot, fascinating characters, and exciting action. Conspiracy Ignited is a fast-moving story with elements of legal, crime, and military thrillers. The main character, lawyer Eric Ridge, is a former CIA pilot who served in the “Secret War” in Laos during the Vietnam era. His history parallels that of the book’s author, who, through flashbacks, weaves Ridge’s wartime experiences into the story as only someone who lived them could describe them.

Ridge and his engaging cast of allies are up against a dangerous cabal using any means necessary to achieve their goal of controlling the legal system. It takes great villains to make great heroes, and Johnson gives us vivid, blood-chilling antagonists. The author steadily increases the suspense, culminating in an extended action sequence that will satisfy the most demanding action-adventure fans. I enjoyed following the charismatic main character and his cohorts in this smart, well-written thriller.”
—David Rabin, award-winning author of In Danger of Judgment

Conspiracy Ignited by author Raymond Paul Johnson is a work of fiction in the legal thriller subgenre….This action-packed thriller has everything a fan of conspiracy and legal mysteries could want, as we find our central protagonist, California litigator Eric Ridge, threatened by a deadly assassin who leaves no trace. Working for the secret organization, The Raven Society, this assassin only pushes Ridge deeper and deeper into the mystery where he becomes determined to fight for justice above all else.

Despite its intricate details and deeply complex storyline filled with conspiracies and collusions, Conspiracy Ignited is a novel that readers can rocket through thanks to its exciting, pacy plot. Johnson keeps readers on the edge of their seats even during the quieter moments, weaving layers of tension underneath every delicate moment of exposition. The reader, much like central protagonist Ridge, is always on the alert for the next unpredictable danger about to befall him. I especially enjoyed the skillset Ridge possessed, and his humility and deference to others who had plenty of amazing talents in other areas to help him solve the conspiracy.

This is by no means a one-man action novel, and for that difference alone it deserves a high place on the thriller shelf. Overall, this is a superb work of fiction that I’d highly recommend to all fans of high-octane and high-stakes legal novels.”
—Readers’ Favorite All-Five Star Review

“A relentless thriller that whisks you to the ragged edges of justice, war and human resolve. Conspiracy Ignited is a legal thriller and action/adventure story that keeps you turning pages right up to the exciting climax and then—wanting more. The author is a gifted storyteller who grounds the novel in real-world high-stakes litigation based on his successful career as a trial lawyer in cases throughout America. However, it also doesn’t hurt that his engineering background, enhanced by his experiences as a combat pilot, are put to good use in the many exciting action-adventure sequences brought to you through CIA experiences and seamless flashbacks to battlefield combat.

This is a powerful thriller that can be read on several levels. It’s major themes are of course ‘good vs. evil’ and ‘liberty and justice for all’. But the more subtle message that echoes throughout the novel is that twisted notions of ‘Greater Good’ can destroy America from within. That is what the antagonists—The Raven Society—are up to with their ruthless crimes. And that is what protagonist/lawyer Eric Ridge, and his small legal team must try to stop despite overwhelming odds.”
—Morse Taylor, attorney-at-law and author of The Fly Who Knew Too Much

“A fast-paced thriller…[and] a secret, dangerous, paramilitary group…[with] no regard for our nation’s legal system…. Raymond Paul Johnson’s protagonist, [lawyer] Eric Ridge, has the necessary combat background…[and] realizes what has to be done, knowing that there is the proverbial ticking clock, [a]nd he must put an end to this group…by whatever means.”
—Frank McAdams, author of Pulitzer-nominated Vietnam Rough Riders: A Convoy Commander’s Memoir

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